Zoom Yoga Classes

Live, interactive and inclusive Yoga classes on Zoom offers convenience, flexibility and incredibly good value for money plus all the benefits of 'in-person' classes from your own location.  

I offer a FREE consultation/induction for those who want one (have a chat about the class, your specific needs and any modifications you need or ask any questions)


The first week is FREE for as many classes as you like

After that, pay for your first class in any week and then come to as many more classes as you like for no extra charge! 

As well as all the general benefits of Yoga (see below) doing Yoga on Zoom means you can:

  • Do it from anywhere (even on holiday!)

  • Do it without travelling/parking/booking

  • Do it with your dog/cat/child/grandchild/visitors

  • Do it while waiting for a parcel/meter reading/shopping delivery

  • Do it with your own temperature setting and ventilation

  • Do it in your pyjamas!

Contact me for access to Zoom classes or a free consultation!



Mondays: 11.00-12.00

Thursdays: 10.00-11.00

(gentler Yoga with standing/chair options)

Fridays: 12.00-13.00

Pay for your first class in any week then come to the rest for FREE!


Yoga classes hosted on Zoom.

Can be accessed from any computer, tablet, smartphone or even a smart TV!

No booking required for Zoom classes! 

Come to up to 3 sessions per week for the cost of one 'in person' class or pay for one 'in person class' and get zoom classes for free in the same week

Contact me for access to Zoom classes or a free consultation!


Zoom charges:

(payment by bank transfer or cheque: please contact me for details)

£5.00 pay as you go per week  

£20.00 for 5 weeks i.e.

£4.00 per week


£35.00 for 10 weeks i.e. £3.50 per week

(**Half of above price if you're living on benefits or are under 18 )

Image by Simon Rae
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